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Insight Wellness Screening iPad App

Insight Wellness Screening iPad App


The Insight application is part of a larger system that we have been developing with our client, StatBridge since 2010.  It is currently used to screen thousands of people a month at wellness events across the country.  Developing this app has been a complex and ever-evolving process. We have had to work closely with our client to listen to their needs and respond with technically feasible and practical solutions to their business requirements.  The Insight app not only collects a wide variety of sensitive health data securely and accurately, but it also implements several exceptionally complex algorithms to provide meaningful scoring of participant results in the field.  It includes an adaptable interface that is customizable for various clients and products.  The various features of the screening are constructed modularly and can be adapted to a wide variety of requirements. The app also supports multiple languages or localizations.


Custom Interface

Everything from the question layouts to the look and feel of modal alerts has been designed to carry the client's brand throughout the app.  The interface supports several different "skins" to adapt to the branding needs of our client's different service lines. 


Complex Scoring - Simple Results

The Insight app takes the results from over a hundred health and wellness data points and calculates a meaningful "Wellness Score" based on current medical research.  The results of this scoring are then displayed in easy to read graphics that wellness coaches can use to guide their participants to healthier lifestyle choices.