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Baylor Cancer Center iPad App

Baylor Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center

This native iPad app was created to allow users to explore the architecture and design of the new Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center.  We developed an innovative sundial interface for exploring a 24 hour time-lapse of the facility and created an engaging point-to-point live-action video exploration tool.  Additionally the app includes floor plans with links to available photography and an animated video of the project.  


Interactive Time-Lapse

We photographed the facility at one minute intervals over a 24 hour period and created an innovative custom UI control to allow users to smoothly scrub through the time-lapse and view the building at any time throughout the day.  For the building's designers in particular, this tool allowed them to show and discuss the design decisions they made to control the buildings exposure to sunlight.  

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Point-to-Point Live-Action Video

Our primary goal with this app was to allow users to explore the facility as if they were actually there.  The point-to-point video page allows users to drag a line between any two points of interest to see a live-action video of what it looks like to walk through the facility between those points.