Mayo Clinic Exam Room

Lubbock City Hall

VR Project Exploration

Interactive Exam Room Study

Emergency Exam Room

Exam Room Design Mock-Up

We recently used virtual reality to help a major healthcare client develop a new standard exam room.  Virtual reality allowed our client to skip the usual full-scale built mock-up and test out multiple designs with minimal cost and risk.  This required that we implement a completely interactive scene with movable objects, functioning cabinet doors and functioning equipment.  We found the HTC Vive environment and controllers to be especially well suited to this.  We also developed the ability to swap scenes and materials on the go so users could compare options side-by-side.  

Interactive Cabinet Doors
Movable Furniture

Custom Interaction

Using the HTC Vive we were able to bring an exceptionally rich level of interaction to the project, allowing doctors and staff to experience how the space functions with a high level of fidelity.  Furniture is movable, cabinet doors open and close, and equipment articulates as it would in the real world.

Alternate Design

Alternate Design