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Alcuin School Master Plan iPad App

Alcuin School Master Plan iPad App


This native iPad app was created to help Alcuin School get the word out about their new master-plan.  The app includes an interactive site-plan with 360 degree panorama renderings, interactive before-and-after animations, and information about the school's future plans.  We also developed tools to help the school in their fundraising efforts and a coloring book to engage young students in the project.  This app was distributed on the Apple App Store and developed with flexibility and changeability in mind.  We build it on the Parse open-source backend which allows us to quickly respond to client requests without needing to re-issue an updated app. Check it out on the App Store.


Interactive Site-Plan

The interactive site-plan provides users with a central place to explore a very complex and involved master plan.  The plan includes 360 degree panoramic renderings, info points, and interactive before-and-after images.


Coloring Book

Alcuin School provides education to students from pre-kindergarten through high-school.  It was important to us to find a way to engage younger students in the the process.  One way we accomplished this was with a custom coloring book that lets students color on the architectural renderings of the project and and save their work.  

An important part of the complete marketing package and the app was the project video.  We interviewed an extensive cast of stakeholders including faculty, parents, students, and designers to capture the values and story of Alcuin School and layout the need for future development and growth.  This involved many hours of interviews, drone photography, and editing.  

Expert Answers Videos

Instead of expecting users to watch the entire project video to glean critical facts about the project, we provided this section that provides short, consise videos of various project stakeholders answering the most common questions about the plan.  A video FAQ of sorts. 

Fundraising Tools

The app also provides important tools for Alcuin's fundraising campaign. This section includes an interactive map that shows where naming opportunities are on campus.  It also provides sections that discuss various other opportunities to support the project.